Engineering Technical Services (ETS)

Instrument & Prototype Machine Shop

Job submissions are now created online. The webpage contains links for shop orientation for job submissions plus additional information. Job submissions and tracking are easier.

Shop Hours: 7:30AM-3:30PM M-F.

Structure, Weld, Carpenter and Remodel Shop

Job submissions are now created online.

Renovations Process

ETS staff can assist you with office and lab renovations involving construction. Depending on the scope of the job, we may be able to use our own internal Structures Shop for the construction, or we will coordinate your job with the University group responsible for renovations (CPMG- Capital Programs Management Group).

The renovations process has many steps that must be adhered to to meet building safety and University construction codes, so we strongly suggest you contact us for all of your renovations projects. Please refer to our renovations website.

Also, Marie Schwind has developed a handy reference for requesting all sorts of different facilities services like buying furniture, moving, window blinds, lock services, painting, ISAAC, etc.